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    Artist Statement
    The observational process is one of constant renewal and discovery. I am a plein air artist with a deep commitment to drawing and painting from life. The relationship between observation and documentation is the foundation of my practice. The intent of my work is to communicate the personal and historical consciousness of place and time.

    Similar to the observational process, the landscape is both ever changing and constant. I am inspired and motivated by this tension. Time, in various forms, is an essential aspect of my practice. When I am outside working, the movement of time (i.e. light) is always at the forefront of my mind. The paintings are done entirely in one day; I rarely work on paintings over multiple sessions and never revisit or finish paintings in a studio. I work in the plein air tradition with oil paint applied wet into wet. I use the unique language of painting like gesture, brushwork, and reductive touch to communicate the process of looking and responding. Capturing the eternal present, the paintings are purposely fresh and lively.

    Context is an important question for me. How does it feel to experience this place? And how is this experience shaped by the broader context? The absence or presence of the horizon line, for example, is a way to explore different experiences of intimacy within nature. Is this a small thing that I am examining very closely or a grand vista leading me into the distance? For me, it always comes down to questioning, “What am I looking at right now and why?”